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EasyBox Mtk Version 1.00

Version 1.00

EasyBox Mtk is the only application in the world which supports the whole range of service functions including unlock, flash firmware and changing imei without rooting the phone or flashing third party recovery. For the release moment we have about 5 Terabytes of unique firmware roms and this storage is constantly renewed. Here you can download almost any firmware rom which was released by the Alcatel.

Main features:

  • Unlock Sim
  • Flash firmware
  • Read/Repair IMEI
  • Read/Repair Provider Id
    Provider id(also called CU reference) is important for firmware upgrading and other things. If you flashed the firmware for different provider, you need to rewrite provider id as well.
  • Factory Reset
  • Reset FRP
  • Read Firmware properties
    Android version, compilation date, Firmware version
  • Quick and powerful search of firmware
    You can search firmware for certain market name, model, provider id, region
  • Huge firmware storage
    More than 4TB firmware files only for Mtk Alcatel models. The storage is constantly updating.

Supported models: 

  • 4013D, 4013K, 4013X Full support
  • 4027D, 4027N, 4027X Full support
  • 4035D, 4035X, 4035Y Full support
  • 4047A, 4047D, 4047X Full support
  • 4034D, 4034X Full support
  • 5008D, 5008Y Full support
  • 5009A, 5009D Full support
  • 5010D, 5010E, 5010G, 5010S, 5010U, 5010X Full support
  • 5011A Full support
  • 5015D, 5015X, 5016J Full support
  • 5017D, 5017E, 5017O, 5017W, 5017X Full support
  • 5022D Partial support
  • 5025D, 5025E, 5025G, 5025X Full support
  • 5026A, 5026D, 5026J Full support
  • 5033A, 5033D, 5033X, 5033Y Full support
  • 5034D Full support
  • 5044D, 5044Y Full support
  • 5045D, 5045X, 5045Y Full support
  • 5046D, 5046Y Full support
  • 5047D, 5047Y Full support
  • 5052A, 5052D, 5052Y Full support
  • 5058A, 5058I, 5058J, 5058T, 5058Y Full support
  • 5059D Full support
  • 5060A, 5060D, 5060K Partial support
  • 5070D Partial support
  • 5085A, 5085D, 5085Q, 5085Y Full support
  • 5095K Full support
  • 5099A, 5099D, 5099I, 5099U, 5099Y Full support
  • 6058D, 6058X Full support
  • 7047D Partial support
  • 7070Q, 7070X Full support
  • 9008D, 9008X Full support