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Nokia Tool v0.059

Started support UNISOC models:

  1. Nokia 105
  2. Nokia 110
  3. Nokia 215
  4. Nokia 220
  5. Nokia 225
  6. Nokia 3310 3G

- added initial support for UNISOCK-based Nokia phones : firmware flashing, usercode read, factory reset
- supported models : Nokia 105, Nokia 110, Nokia 215, Nokia 220, Nokia 225, Nokia 3310 3G
- in next releases service functions will be enabled, which will allow you to rebuild security zone, etc.
Important note for UNISOCK drivers :
Before drivers install :

1. i'm strongly recommend to uninstall all and any existing UNISOCK drivers on system :
for this you can run, according to your system, either Drivers\FP_Drivers\DriverUninstall64.exe or Drivers\FP_Drivers\DriverUninstall32.exe ( as Administrator )
I'm not sure that it will uninstall older or modified unisock drivers, so to cleanup system completely, get RAPR,
run it as Administrator and delete all Ports ( COM & LPT ) drivers with manufacturers "Spreadtrum","TNS", "UNISOC" ( check "Force deletion" )


.Nokia 3310 3G driver signed with expired certificate, so in order to install FP_Drivers_Zouk, you must restart PC with driver signature enforcement DISABLED.

=>How to ( for recent windows versions ) :

  • settings -> update and security -> recovery -> Advanced startup
  • after restart select "disable driver signature enforcements"
  • For windows 7 just press F8 during startup, then go to “Advanced Boot Options”.
  • and select “Disable Driver Signature Enforcements”
  • Only after this you can proceed with drivers installation.
  • Take note that signature enforcements only disabled until next reboot.
  • After you restared with disabled signature enforcements, proceed with drivers installation :
  • There are 3 UNISOCK drivers folders :
  • Drivers\FP_Drivers
  • Drivers\FP_Drivers_Zouk
  • inside these folders, just run setup DriverSetup.exe ( as Administrator ).
  • If asked, press "Install driver anyway".
  • Drivers\FP_Drivers_Queen
  • inside this folder, if you have 64-bit windows, go to amd64 and run dpinst.exe ( as Administrator )
  • if you have 32-bit windows, go to x86 and run dpinst.exe ( as Administrator )
  • If asked, press "Install driver anyway"

special note:

for Identify, Service functions of Nokia 3310 3G phone, you must create special diagnostic cable.
it is very simple - get usual USB cable and cut PIN 1 (VBUS/VCC) line ( usually red line )